The Real-Phonic Radio Hour

The term "GENIUS" is generally mis-used in the American lexicon and never more so when it is in the context of Paul Bergen, Erik Koskinen, Molly Maher and Thom Middlebrook. They are the "geniuses" behind the creation of the Real-Phonic Radio Hour. Sometime in the summer of 2010 the four of them were sitting in Thom's living room drinking whiskey and talking about starting a show. Whiskey makes you say things like, "We should start a show."

The idea was fairly simple - bring artistry to everything they would do. Pay musicians a living wage and treat them they way that they would like to be treated if they were on the road - nice hotel room, a meal, a great stage and great audience. Isn't that essentially the Golden Rule?

It also never hurts to have an ace up your sleeve. In the case of the Real-Phonic Radio Hour that happened to be a house band that could make anyone in the world sound like they are at the top of their game. Through some amount of luck and unbelievable persistence the show seems to have caught on. It has twice been named as the "Best of the Twin Cities" by the Star Tribune and enjoyed the generosity of the local music press - not to mention the support our wonderful live audience.

Photography by : Jen Barnett & Ilia Horsburgh


It's no exaggeration to say that it takes a community to produce a show like Real-Phonic. Our sincere thanks go out to the Board of Directors and staff of the James J. Hill Center. Thanks also to Jen Barnett, Ilia Horsburgh and Michael Boeckman for their photographic talents in documenting the shows.

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